The Hustler and the Chess Player

hustler-mindset Not so unlike the tortoise and the hare. Their outward appearance being an illusion of their true effectiveness. Every second of the Hustler's time is critical. His ability to work long hours is his saving grace. The Chess Player thinks more in terms of decisions. His results come from thinking, preparing, delegating and making the call. The Hustler and the Chess Player need each other, more than they like to admit. When you're hustling you need to make deadlines and push code. The Chess Player's hat will force you to stop and adjust the direction. So many new entrepreneurs want to build a business by being one or the other. In bootstrapping a business you have to be both of these one time or another. Most of the time you'll have to be both. At the beginning everyone in the startup has to be productive. If it's just yourself, that means you will have to show up, since no one else will. Learning these two mindsets, and then learning how to split between them is a challenge. One you'll need to be up to in order to get your product or service off the ground. Hustling eventually becomes an unsustainable lifestyle. hosting information You can only burn out so many times until it affects you. This is the difference between working on the business and working in the business. Engineering a business instead of being the engineer of the business.