Set-Up Automatic Duplicate Merges in @InsightlyApp

The first time you login to Dedupely, you'll be asked to insert your Insightly API key. Your API key can be found by going to User Settings in Insightly, scrolling down to the bottom until you see API Key. Copy that key, go back to your Dedupely Panel and paste it into the setup form. After that, click Start Duplicate Auto-Merging. If the key is incorrect, it will ask you to try again. If you entered it correctly, Dedupely will start pulling in your contacts, scanning for duplicates and merging the duplicates it finds. As duplicates are found and merged, you will see a list of your newly merged contacts appearing in the list. You can see each of the deleted duplicates below each merged contact. You can come back and check for newly merged contacts simply by logging into your Dedupely account. From there you'll see any new contacts that have been merged since the last time you logged in. You can sign up for Dedupely here.