How to Merge Duplicate Contacts in Nimble

When your Nimble account is running with 1,000s of contacts, there's bound to be a few duplicates here and there. It can eventually get out of hand.

Duplicate data can be a absolute pain. Especially to your sales people. Imagine having four copies of the same contact, each one with different lead info, notes and details.

What happens is:

data gets lost
your sales reps get confused
your clients wonder why you don't seem to remember their last...

Save Your Team 50 Hours This Quarter With UnDupe

Last year I noticed there were a lot of complaints around Nimble's ability to merge large amounts of duplicate contacts.

While there are a few ways to merge contacts in nimble, manual merges and workarounds become hard once your contact list grows into the thousands.
Why UnDupe makes your life easier
Simply put, UnDupe replaces the manual bulk work you do to manage your duplicate contacts.

It can be a long and frustrating job if you have 1000's of contacts....

The Nuts and Bolts of UnDupe

Even though, from the outside, UnDupe may seem simple, a lot of work went into the inner-workings of the app.

First, UnDupe has to connect to Nimble's API, get all of your contacts and then run through a number of checks before running a full merge. Once duplicates are found, a process runs to update each contact with the newly merged data and remove the duplicates.
How UnDupe looks for duplicates
Once all of your contact data is loaded, it starts checking by a few conta...

How to Create an Integration for Nimble

If you want to create a Nimble integration you're getting on board at the right time. Nimble is still fairly small and there are tons of opportunities to help it grow while it's still in the early stages. Nimble is going to grow, and after the number of awards they've won recently, I don't doubt that it'll be soon.

The people at Nimble have been great to me. I want to give a huge thanks to Joseph Kelly. He helped me get UnDupe set up and out in the open.
Learn a pain point Nim...

Save 100+ Hours in a Year with Zapier + Nimble

Zapier is a nice little tool for automating tasks between web services that saves you and your team lots of time and head ache.

It replaces manual work and complex systems you've put in place to say:

Move new subscribers from Mailchimp, Unbounce and/or Hubspot to Nimble
Create Nimble contacts from Woofoo forms (or a form outside of Nimble)
Add to contact in Xero when a new one is created in Nimble

There are literally 22 pages o...

Nimble Help Tickets With Freshdesk

Ever want a help desk for your business that worked with your CRM?

While there are some good ones out there, it's hard to find one that works well for your business and is simple enough for a smaller company.

Freshdesk helps you provide world-class support to your customers without needing a giant budget.

Freshdesk is a help desk that empowers businesses to support their clients via email, phone, their websites and Facebook and Twitter account...

QuoteRoller + Nimble: Automate Your Proposals

Quote Roller helps streamline your creation of new proposals. They help you reuse information about your company to spice up your proposals and make them irresistible to your prospects.

One great feature that Quote Roller offers is an analytics feature to get insights into how much time your clients looked at the proposal and the exact actions they took.

Once a prospect decides to take action the proposal they can sign and accept the proposal while viewing...

PieSync Takes Nimble-Gmail Syncing to a New Level

How many times have you cursed over the frustration of all the unsynced contacts you have across so many mediums?

Well now you can worry about one less medium. PieSync automatically syncs your Nimble and Gmail contacts, by the minute. You simply enable PieSync, and the integration does the rest.

Not only do the contacts get updated in Nimble when you make a change in Gmail, but the reverse happens as well. When you make a change to contact data in Nimble, ...

How Convert Saves Countless Hours Using UnDupe

About Convert

Convert is an A/B testing software for conversion experts and agencies. They're experts in onsite and landing page conversions and integrate with many other web services.

The Problem
We have lots of third party systems sending back hundreds of leads every week. Unbounce, GoToWebinar, Gmail, Mailchimp as well as systems that send status changes to contacts when they took an action important for our sales process. Dennis van der Heijden, ...

How to Move From Any CRM to Nimble in One Click

Want to use Nimble but already have a lot of data in another CRM?

This can be a huge pain for anyone migrating to a new system. Nimble has some great features, but the largest barrier might be going from your current CRM to Nimble without spending weeks or months.

This is where Import2 for Nimble comes in. Import2 lets you import everything from your old CRM to Nimble in one click.

The refreshing part is that there is no need for CSV files so ...