Integrating Hubspot with Nimble

Hubspot is an all-in-one inbound marketing company that markets and develops a software product by the same name: Hubspot. It's software features are especially designed for email marketing and search engine optimisation, social media marketing, content management, and web analytics. They advocate inbound marketing concepts for their own products through different social media by making noise and viral videos.

Integration of Hubspot with Nimble is an easy way to connect to all your ...

How to use Nimble with your Team

How does Nimble work with your teams? How to get started? What are the considerations you need to remember when using Nimble with your teams? Well, if you want to know the answer, you’ve got to say goodbye to contact management and welcome contact insights.

With Nimble you will surely enjoy collaborating with your teams on sales and managing contacts and leads easily, making you and your team members keep in touch with each other and become more efficient in closing deals.

7 Reasons to Use The Nimble Android App

Nimble has just released a native Android app which will deliver intelligent insights to Nimble customers. It is already available (for free!) in Google Play Store. You just have to download it on your smartphone!

This newest Android App of Nimble makes it easier and faster to stay in touch with the world. What is more awesome about this app is the fact that it offers the very first Intelligent Social Relationship Manager, as pioneered by Nimble.

With the ...

How to Integrate Dropbox with Nimble

Dropbox is a great service that allows it's users to bring their photos, videos and documents together and share them easily anywhere, at any time. It is used by over two million businesses and has more than 175 million users in 200 countries.

The new Dropbox integration of Nimble makes keeping your files connected to your contacts a breeze and makes accessing contact-related files easier than ever before! With this new file-sharing integration, users are able to a...

Rapportive + Two must haves for marketers

Sometimes it's hard to find people's social accounts by just their email. You have to search Google, do a name search in Linkedin or make a guess by their bio in Twitter.

It was once really hard to connect through someone's social accounts if you only had their email address.

Now, an email is more than enough.

I've found two tools that work together, or more like compliment each other.

Rapportive helps you connect with your Gmail contacts. Disc...

How to set up MailChimp in Nimble

The MailChimp integration for Nimble allows businesses to send contacts from Nimble to MailChimp and add contacts to their mailing lists. This integration does not necessarily mean contacts auto-sync from Nimble to MailChimp.
Here's how to set up MailChimp in Nimble.
1. Connect your MailChimp account with Nimble.

In order to set up MailChimp in Nimble, a MailChimp account is needed. If you don't have an existing account you can sign up through the MailCh...

Automate Your Marketing Efforts with itDuzzit

itDuzzit is a cloud integration platform made simple for the non-technical users to support complex integrations for business-related apps. This allows the user to connect any cloud applications together(triggering one action based on a given event or condition). itDuzzit has a huge collection of built in connectors that allow for creating custom integrations for popular business apps.
itDuzzit can be helpful to automate business and marketing efforts since it easily transmits the...

ItDuzzit vs. Zapier: Which One Is Better For Your Nimble Automation?

itDuzzit permits the user to integrate 3rd-party services like Twitter, Google and LinkedIn to business applications without having to play with any code.
Like itDuzzit,  Zapier allows the user to connect web applications to each other to automate tedious jobs. Zapier also works without having to code. When a "Zap" is created, it will run automatically without extra effort. The user can monitor all the activity in the dashboard and manage all the accounts that are connected. Zap...

How to Import your iPhone Contacts to Nimble

There are several ways to transfer a contact from on device to another. In order to gain access to this wonderful feature of Nimble that allows the user to import the iPhone contacts in Nimble, an iCloud Account and Mac Address are needed. 
The iCloud Account provides the user the capacity to connect and access on several cool devices like the Mail, Calendars, and Contacts. While the media access control address (Mac Address) is a special identifier that is assigned to the network ...

How Nimble's Click to Call Feature Streamlines Your Sales Process

Nimble has added an easy feature that can help the users perform business and sale processes without exiting Nimble. The “Click to Call” feature of Nimble supports Skype and Google News. A drop down menu will display several options depending on the used browser, devices and active plugins, Google Voice, and other types of mobile phone systems. In order to dial the contacts directly in the contact record of Nimble these steps should be followed:
To start a phone call go to a Ni...