5 Mistakes That Wasted Years of My Life

Developers love to build. Me being a developer, I tend to have the same tendency.

Here are a few mistakes I made developing products over the years. Most of the time I wasted could have been spent building more products and better experiments. To make sure this doesn't happen to you, glance over my list and try to avoid making the same errors.

1. Building building building

Building alone is not bad. Building with the hope that your product is going to be a ...

Today's Solo Entrepreneurs are API Jockeys

I love what the web has become. As well, how it's transformed my career and what I do every day.

There was a time when I thought every web product had to be done by scratch. From a tech platform to building an audience and marketing the damn thing. All from nothing.

This is the BEST time ever to be working on the web. We have so much as our disposal. We no longer need to write so much code, make so many mistakes and work so hard to get in front of an audie...

To anyone who has ever failed in a tech startup, I'm with you

April 26th 2014, 5:23 pm by SI
Us developers with the hunger to become a startup success know the feeling. It's that burning feeling we get every so often, or for me now every day. That feeling that we want to be more than just developers and designers. That we're here for more than just to get paid to accomplish someone else's dream.
I went from being employed to a self-employed developer a few years ago. It's a great feeling to be making it on my own, without a typi...

Effective habits to cultivate as enterprising twenty-somethings

May 10th 2014, 1:32 pm by SI
Read every day
I've been on both sides of the table. Where I've read and read for months, but never did anything with what I learned. And then, where I didn't pick up a book in a year and just endlessly worked like a dog.
Now, I balance them both. It's made me much better at what I do, gives me more inspiration on a daily basis and saved me years of ignorant mistakes.
Read everything you can about your industries, the areas of ...

There is no such thing as the perfect framework

May 10th 2014, 4:15 pm
I'm honestly jaded from working with companies that go on this quest to build a perfect framework that's going to solve all of the current development problems.
Months go by and they're still making assumptions about "what is needed" when nothing has even been built.
In the end, there's a new framework with a bunch of bugs that has to eventually be revamped again because it was overthought or overdeveloped.
The build-it-as-...

Nimble: It's Important to Merge Duplicates

We assume that you are using Nimble to manage your contact information. You want the most out of your contact database and duplicate contacts can be a problem for you and your business.

Suppose you have duplicate contacts that you send pricing or special offers to on a regular basis. The customer gets peeved because you send them the same information more than once. This tells the customer that you do not respect their time.

A worse situation can occur if you have a dif...

Three Pitfalls to Avoid When Starting Nimble

Nimble is a simple CRM that is used to track leads and deals in the sales pipeline. Nimble is all about communications and relationships. It collects and brings together contacts from all over your databases and places them in one central location. If you have contact information in Outlook, Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Skype, phone, email or other company databases, Nimble brings all of it together. You will have information in your network that is easy to retrieve, complete, and that is u...

Smart Data Strategies: Preventing duplicate contacts in Nimble

Did you know that CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is one of the most useful business tools in the market? It is true, though, that some companies have failed to realise the ROI (Return on Investment) after implementing CRM, and some even took some losses. The main reason for this is bad data. Bad and non-conforming (out of sync) data could potentially lose a company millions or at least preventing them to make a better profit off of their contact management. One example of bad data is...

Identify highly engaged community members with Leaderboarded and Nimble

Leaderboarded Integration
Note: Leaderboarded was rebranded as Rise in October 2014. As the Nimble Marketpage and other online sources still refer to the Leaderboarded trademark, that is the name we use in this article.

Leaderboarded integration is a lightweight gamification platform which is designed to help managers to create s single consolidated score for every 'player' through the use of data from multiple systems. The strength of leaderboarded is the focus on simplicity...

Why JQuery is Not Enough

(This is a draft I wrote in late 2013)

We hear often hear about a new application starting out great then later dying as the developers experience burnout and the budget starts taking a toll. This seems to be a common theme among a lot of new app startups.

I don’t have hard data but I have my suspicions. Could it be that many apps are slow to launch or never get launched because of the tools and technology being used?

This is something I’ve thought abou...