Insightly How-To: 5 Steps to Create a Killer Tagging Strategy

I just talked about how to keep bad data out of Insightly. Now I want to go deeper into how to set up a tagging strategy for clarity and efficiency for growth. I'm a huge fan of tags. Tags are pretty non-restricted and do a nice job for categorising any dimension of small bits of your contact data. Tagging will help you group your contacts and set up nice contact list views. Let me show you how amazingly easy this is in Insightly:

1. Plan Your Tag Categories

The first step is to get a blank piece of paper. Write down each category of customers you're going to want to track later in Insightly. Example of what categories you'll have:

2. Determine Your Insightly Tags

After that, write down each a set of tags for each category. Here's an example: ...

3. List Your Situations

Once you have all of these categories and tags written down, open up a new document in Google Drive. Start writing down each of the situations each of these tags need to be added/updated/removed. Here's yet again, another example: Determine in which situations the given tags will need to be manually updated in Insightly. Now match the situations with each tag. Some tags will show up in multiple situations and will need to be handled differently. Also determining who is responsible for modifying which tags. Create a list of the roles and names of people who fill those roles in your company: Now, match each of the tags that will need to be manually modified or automated to each role and/or team member. The next step, is talking with the dev team and finding out what can be automated to reduce the confusion and extra steps the rest of the company needs to go through.

4. What can be automated via the Insightly API?

Ask your developers which of these can be easily automated. You're in luck! Insightly has an excellent back-end API that can be used to do some pretty amazing things compared to other CRMs. I've used Insightly's API for my own products and have to say it's really complete and speedy compared to others. Go share the Insightly API Documentation with your developers and get them to read it over. If your business is a web-app or a mobile-app, you can stream line and automate nearly everything. Aside from data that needs to be updated when someone interacts directly with the support or sales team. A few things will not be automated, for that reason.

5. Browsing Tags in Insightly

Ok, so you've gotten your plan underway in your business. The team is on board. web design history Everyone is on the same page. Data is flowing. Now you can browse your contacts by tag. This is extremely easy: Click the Insightly Contacts tab. On the right hand side, you'll see a list of tags. Click on any of the tags to view the assigned contacts. Insightly Tag View   You can also select multiple tags. i.e. I want to view all free-trial users who have invited co-workers to my web-app. Insightly multiple tags It's as easy as that! Now my sales team and further contact the more engaged users and push them to a paid plan.

Ready, Set, Go!

Now, your business is ready for some serious growth. As long as your team is plugged in, you can run a tight ship.