How to be happy with where you're at in life

Since I was 17 I've been writing goals. I set short term goals and long term 10-year plans. Some of my goals were really big. Most of them really unrealistic. I'd stress about how my life wasn't where it "should" be. I'd stress that things weren't happening fast enough. This lead to my first life lesson on "shoulds": You are, right now, exactly where you should be based on what you've done to get here. I had to accept reality. Where I am now is exactly where I worked myself to. I was working long hours, burning the candle at both ends, setting big goals. And to this day, I'm exactly where I "should" be. Here's one lesson you need to learn if you want to be happy on your journey: No matter what you think you deserve from life, you get the exact results you generated. You can do everything the "gurus" tell you will make you successful. But in the end, if you're not where you wanted to be 5 years ago, it's because YOU and only you failed to do the right things to get there. Respect the laws of the universe. Whatever story you tell yourself about why action X didn't yield result Y, you have to forget about it. The universe is telling you another story. A story about the reality you live in. This doesn't mean you shouldn't dream big or work hard to get to where you want to go. What you must do is stop thinking something is wrong because you're dreams didn't come true. What you must do is continue on and keep doing what works, without blaming anyone or feeling down because you missed the mark. Stressing away your life about not being where you should be defeats the purpose. Accept that, your journey is taking the amount of time it needs to. Everyone goes at their own pace. Some get lucky while others take longer to reach what they call "success". The worst thing to do is beat yourself up over failed expectations. No body wants to be around something who feels like a constant failure or has reached a point in their lives where they're desperate.