You and Tech Startups

To anyone who has ever failed in a tech startup, I'm with you

April 26th 2014, 5:23 pm by SI
Us developers with the hunger to become a startup success know the feeling. It's that burning feeling we get every so often, or for me now every day. That feeling that we want to be more than just developers and designers. That we're here for more than just to get paid to accomplish someone else's dream.
I went from being employed to a self-employed developer a few years ago. It's a great feeling to be making it on my own, without a typi...

Working in a startup team is the best thing you can do as a developer

As a solo developer you've worked alone for many years. You tend to expect to take on the full load in every project. Then one day you end up in a small startup team.

You experience new emotions you never felt before. You feel out of sync. Everyone's stepping on your toes. Touching your code. Shortly after you want to call it quits.

This feeling is normal. Learning to flow with a small number of other individuals is a little awkward at first. It takes some catching up ...