Syncing XING Contacts with Nimble CRM

A common problem a lot of European entrepreneurs encounter is that XING doesn't seem to be supported by many of the major CRMs and business apps. This is a shame and a huge lost opportunity for both American businesses and European users.

Lately, I decided to take things into my own hands and build a sync service starting with the one business network being left out, XING.

Your XING account is like North American's Linkedin account. Full of business connections, earned ...

The Hustler and the Chess Player

Not so unlike the tortoise and the hare. Their outward appearance being an illusion of their true effectiveness.

Every second of the Hustler's time is critical. His ability to work long hours is his saving grace.

The Chess Player thinks more in terms of decisions. His results come from thinking, preparing, delegating and making the call.

The Hustler and the Chess Player need each other, more than they like to admit.

When you're hu...

Designing From The User Out

I still see handfuls of large software companies creating sub-par web experiences. Stuff that feels broken or wobbly. I stopped using Evernote because of a very annoying bug it had where it was almost impossible to switch between offline and online without it erasing all of your changes. This is annoying, especially when you're on a laptop, jumping between coffee shops.

Or what about apps like Asana that get so advanced that they turn into giant hunk of screen bloat.


Today's Solo Entrepreneurs are API Jockeys

I love what the web has become. As well, how it's transformed my career and what I do every day.

There was a time when I thought every web product had to be done by scratch. From a tech platform to building an audience and marketing the damn thing. All from nothing.

This is the BEST time ever to be working on the web. We have so much as our disposal. We no longer need to write so much code, make so many mistakes and work so hard to get in front of an audie...

To anyone who has ever failed in a tech startup, I'm with you

April 26th 2014, 5:23 pm by SI
Us developers with the hunger to become a startup success know the feeling. It's that burning feeling we get every so often, or for me now every day. That feeling that we want to be more than just developers and designers. That we're here for more than just to get paid to accomplish someone else's dream.
I went from being employed to a self-employed developer a few years ago. It's a great feeling to be making it on my own, without a typi...

Solve boring problems

I think the current problem with the entrepreneurial community isn't that enough "new big ideas" aren't on the scene. Not that someone hasn't build the next Google or next Facebook.

The problem is, enough simple things aren't being solved. We still have every day problems hanging around that have plagued our parents' generation. In this age of cool technology where it takes some startups days to get funding and a few years to go mainstream, and we're still stuck with industries that...

Market your products the creative way

Old tactics of marketing online (like PPC ads) have become much more saturated and expensive over the past decade.

The times I've tried out Google Ads and Facebook Ads I failed horribly and it costed me.

So what are some other ways to get out there:

Share cool stuff
Give free advice
Launch free mini-apps
Provide a open source library developers will love
Salvage everything you do and create opportunities on the side

You need a lot less than you think

Chances are you can live on a lot less than you think.

Don't think of it as a limitation on your lifestyle, but rather a game.

Make progress with limitations.

Less crap from 7/11
Less code
Less planning ahead further than you know yourself
Less overestimating

A prototype doesn't come as a full package. It's a sample of the core concept.

Thinking clearly about what is really important is key.

If ...

Update an old industry

Me-too products are poor imitations of great brands. The bad assumption in this case is thinking that the product is the greatest element of the brand. When it's really the brand itself.

The product obviously matters, if that's all you have at the beginning.

Disruptive technologies bring new life to things we take for granted. They make a boring experience better, faster, easier or more fun.

You don't have to be completely different or original. Just stand ...

Build something small

After being a web coder for more or less ten years I've learned this...

On the far side of all of the time wasted, all of those extra hours put in, all of the articles read and the tests run, the solution to the problem is probably 100x simpler than you initially think.

The problem with most entrepreneurs' thinking is the idea that we need to build something big to be successful.

The actual truth is:

You don't need an awesome framework to buil...