Zero in On The User: Interview With Expertise Finder Co-Founder, Stavros Rougas

Today we have media from CNN to the WSJ who use Expertise Finder to look for experts.
Two years ago I interviewed Stavros Rougas of Media Spot Me. Since then Media Spot Me has since been rebranded to Expertise Finder with a different face and feel. Though, the core values and focus of the company have stayed true to the course.

I caught up with Stavros last week to see what has happened since the last interview. The questions I've asked this time around are a little ad...

The Hustler and the Chess Player

Not so unlike the tortoise and the hare. Their outward appearance being an illusion of their true effectiveness.

Every second of the Hustler's time is critical. His ability to work long hours is his saving grace.

The Chess Player thinks more in terms of decisions. His results come from thinking, preparing, delegating and making the call.

The Hustler and the Chess Player need each other, more than they like to admit.

When you're hu...

Designing From The User Out

I still see handfuls of large software companies creating sub-par web experiences. Stuff that feels broken or wobbly. I stopped using Evernote because of a very annoying bug it had where it was almost impossible to switch between offline and online without it erasing all of your changes. This is annoying, especially when you're on a laptop, jumping between coffee shops.

Or what about apps like Asana that get so advanced that they turn into giant hunk of screen bloat.


How to be happy with where you're at in life

Since I was 17 I've been writing goals. I set short term goals and long term 10-year plans. Some of my goals were really big. Most of them really unrealistic.

I'd stress about how my life wasn't where it "should" be. I'd stress that things weren't happening fast enough. This lead to my first life lesson on "shoulds":

You are, right now, exactly where you should be based on what you've done to get here.

I had to accept reality. Where I am now is exactly wher...

5 Mistakes That Wasted Years of My Life

Developers love to build. Me being a developer, I tend to have the same tendency.

Here are a few mistakes I made developing products over the years. Most of the time I wasted could have been spent building more products and better experiments. To make sure this doesn't happen to you, glance over my list and try to avoid making the same errors.

1. Building building building

Building alone is not bad. Building with the hope that your product is going to be a ...

Today's Solo Entrepreneurs are API Jockeys

I love what the web has become. As well, how it's transformed my career and what I do every day.

There was a time when I thought every web product had to be done by scratch. From a tech platform to building an audience and marketing the damn thing. All from nothing.

This is the BEST time ever to be working on the web. We have so much as our disposal. We no longer need to write so much code, make so many mistakes and work so hard to get in front of an audie...

To anyone who has ever failed in a tech startup, I'm with you

April 26th 2014, 5:23 pm by SI
Us developers with the hunger to become a startup success know the feeling. It's that burning feeling we get every so often, or for me now every day. That feeling that we want to be more than just developers and designers. That we're here for more than just to get paid to accomplish someone else's dream.
I went from being employed to a self-employed developer a few years ago. It's a great feeling to be making it on my own, without a typi...

Effective habits to cultivate as enterprising twenty-somethings

May 10th 2014, 1:32 pm by SI
Read every day
I've been on both sides of the table. Where I've read and read for months, but never did anything with what I learned. And then, where I didn't pick up a book in a year and just endlessly worked like a dog.
Now, I balance them both. It's made me much better at what I do, gives me more inspiration on a daily basis and saved me years of ignorant mistakes.
Read everything you can about your industries, the areas of ...

Three Pitfalls to Avoid When Starting Nimble

Nimble is a simple CRM that is used to track leads and deals in the sales pipeline. Nimble is all about communications and relationships. It collects and brings together contacts from all over your databases and places them in one central location. If you have contact information in Outlook, Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Skype, phone, email or other company databases, Nimble brings all of it together. You will have information in your network that is easy to retrieve, complete, and that is u...

Smart Data Strategies: Preventing duplicate contacts in Nimble

Did you know that CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is one of the most useful business tools in the market? It is true, though, that some companies have failed to realise the ROI (Return on Investment) after implementing CRM, and some even took some losses. The main reason for this is bad data. Bad and non-conforming (out of sync) data could potentially lose a company millions or at least preventing them to make a better profit off of their contact management. One example of bad data is...