Agile CRM De-duplicating and Cleansing With Dedupely

Agile CRM Welcome to the latest introduction to data cleansing and de-duplication for Agile CRM. We use Agile CRM for our sales and marketing flow. It's still a fairly new CRM. We're excited to see how quickly they've managed to get some really important things right. From both a developer and marketer standpoint. This is why we're excited to launch our new Dedupely Agile CRM integration. Dedupely connects to your Agile CRM account and helps you merge duplicates and eliminate low value data. Businesses big and small loose money from bad data. This no longer has to be the case in Agile CRM.

How Duplicates are Detected

Dedupely Agile CRM Panel Your contacts are scanned using emails, social profiles, addresses, phone numbers and contact names in your Agile CRM contacts. Duplicates are matched based on a combination of fields. If there are too many differences in the fields or there is a good chance that the contacts are not duplicates, the match is added to the Possible Duplicates, which you can confirm or deny manually in your Dedupely account.

What is Merged in Agile CRM

Contact duplicates are automatically merged once there is a high level of confidence they are duplicates. The rest gets sent to you for confirmation. During a contact merge a few things happen: We currently don't merge company contacts for Agile CRM. However, this is a high priority feature we're working hard to integrate and will be available in the very near future.

Junk Contacts

We just recently released the Junk Contacts feature. This finds contacts that slipped in from your email or other sources that are virtually worthless or low value: Like the Junk Contacts feature, we're rolling out a host of other features for cleaning, perfecting and reducing the amount of waste in your Agile CRM account.

How to Get Started With Dedupely

To start off, you'll want to go to Dedupely's Agile CRM integration page and sign up. There's a 30-day money back guarantee, which means if you don't feel Dedupely helped you clean up a sufficient amount of the mess in less than 30 days, we'll give you back your initial payment (No questions asked, no hard sell). [wpcb id="3"]