Agile CRM De-duplicating and Cleansing With Dedupely

Welcome to the latest introduction to data cleansing and de-duplication for Agile CRM.

We use Agile CRM for our sales and marketing flow. It's still a fairly new CRM. We're excited to see how quickly they've managed to get some really important things right. From both a developer and marketer standpoint.

This is why we're excited to launch our new Dedupely Agile CRM integration.

Dedupely connects to your Agile CRM account and helps you merge...

Insightly Data Migration: Helpful Tips and Tricks

CRM data migration is a fairly common project nowadays, but also the one surrounded by numerous misconceptions. Some people, intimidated by the possible pitfalls, try to avoid the task, forgetting that a CRM switch is often a necessary step towards business growth and development. Despite the fact that sometimes it can create as many problems as it solves. Thorough planning and a bit of groundwork will allow you to reduce the risks and ensure the success of the undertaking.

The fir...

Zero in On The User: Interview With Expertise Finder Co-Founder, Stavros Rougas

Today we have media from CNN to the WSJ who use Expertise Finder to look for experts.
Two years ago I interviewed Stavros Rougas of Media Spot Me. Since then Media Spot Me has since been rebranded to Expertise Finder with a different face and feel. Though, the core values and focus of the company have stayed true to the course.

I caught up with Stavros last week to see what has happened since the last interview. The questions I've asked this time around are a little ad...

Syncing XING Contacts with Nimble CRM

A common problem a lot of European entrepreneurs encounter is that XING doesn't seem to be supported by many of the major CRMs and business apps. This is a shame and a huge lost opportunity for both American businesses and European users.

Lately, I decided to take things into my own hands and build a sync service starting with the one business network being left out, XING.

Your XING account is like North American's Linkedin account. Full of business connections, earned ...

Insightly How-To: 5 Steps to Create a Killer Tagging Strategy

I just talked about how to keep bad data out of Insightly. Now I want to go deeper into how to set up a tagging strategy for clarity and efficiency for growth.

I'm a huge fan of tags. Tags are pretty non-restricted and do a nice job for categorising any dimension of small bits of your contact data.

Tagging will help you group your contacts and set up nice contact list views. Let me show you how amazingly easy this is in Insightly:

1. Plan Your Tag Categorie...

3 Insightly Tips For Preventing Bad Data

Insightly is a well put-together CRM for any small business. Let's keep poor data out! In this article, I want to cover a few ways you can keep your Insightly data relevant, with cooperation from your sales team and others who interact with your data.

It's critical to the health of your business to keep your contact data clean and up to date. Research tells us that businesses leak up to 12% of their revenue through poor data. This is a lot of cash left on the table. Cash that can be...

Set-Up Automatic Duplicate Merges in @InsightlyApp

The first time you login to Dedupely, you'll be asked to insert your Insightly API key. Your API key can be found by going to User Settings in Insightly, scrolling down to the bottom until you see API Key.

Copy that key, go back to your Dedupely Panel and paste it into the setup form. After that, click Start Duplicate Auto-Merging.

If the key is incorrect, it will ask you to try again. If you entered it correctly, Dedupely will start pulling in your contacts, scanning f...

The Hustler and the Chess Player

Not so unlike the tortoise and the hare. Their outward appearance being an illusion of their true effectiveness.

Every second of the Hustler's time is critical. His ability to work long hours is his saving grace.

The Chess Player thinks more in terms of decisions. His results come from thinking, preparing, delegating and making the call.

The Hustler and the Chess Player need each other, more than they like to admit.

When you're hu...

Designing From The User Out

I still see handfuls of large software companies creating sub-par web experiences. Stuff that feels broken or wobbly. I stopped using Evernote because of a very annoying bug it had where it was almost impossible to switch between offline and online without it erasing all of your changes. This is annoying, especially when you're on a laptop, jumping between coffee shops.

Or what about apps like Asana that get so advanced that they turn into giant hunk of screen bloat.


How to be happy with where you're at in life

Since I was 17 I've been writing goals. I set short term goals and long term 10-year plans. Some of my goals were really big. Most of them really unrealistic.

I'd stress about how my life wasn't where it "should" be. I'd stress that things weren't happening fast enough. This lead to my first life lesson on "shoulds":

You are, right now, exactly where you should be based on what you've done to get here.

I had to accept reality. Where I am now is exactly wher...